Intelligent telematic platform
Automotive intelligent network connection and application service integration platform
Serves OEMS and car users, promotes the transformation and upgrading of existing industries.
V2X Platform
Vehicle Active Safety Control and Road Collaborative Management V2XLink
On the basis of full-time and dynamic traffic information collection and integration.
Intelligent terminals and cloud platforms build terminal management systems together
Build a terminal management system together, and provide remote iterative upgrading services for each terminal.
Traction battery big data
Able to achieve full life cycle management of traction battery products
Full lifecycle management of traction battery products, predictive maintenance of equipment and digital decision-making.
Connection service base platform
Realize standardized interconnection and interworking of intelligent telematic data
Provide intelligent telematic driving cloud services as well as telematic data standardized interconnection.
Telematic operation platform
Work with partners to create a service ecosystem for the Internet of Everything
Management applications of tens of millions terminals, and enables partners to create an Internet of Everything service ecosystem

Professional Telematic Platform Development and Operation

Vehicle Terminal

Security rescue
Driving behavior analysis
Reminder & booking
Bluetooth key

Mobile Terminal

Interface design
WeChat platform
Rescue service
Burglar alarm
Remote control
Vehicle remote fault diagnosis

User Portal Management

Driving log
Reminder & appointment
Account management
Service management

Call Center

Basic service

Service Operation

All platforms
CP/SP operation
I\B\E Call operation
Digital marketing
Service support
Appointment renewal management

Business Operation

MNO operation
User lifecycle
T Service lifecycle
T Device lifecycle
Application data statistical analysis

Connection as a Service

We are committed to becoming an excellent Telematic platform operator in China Our business cooperation is based on service thinking without exaggeration and goes straight to the common goal Lean cooperation and sharing attitude let us help your dreams

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How to Forge an Excellent Project Experience

Innovation, process and execution are indispensable

Sirun has many years of experience in the delivery of the telematic platform. By establishing a service bridge between OEMs and car owners, it has formed a service + operation model; Based on the concept of efficient and efficient car life, by providing differentiated value-added services, the interaction frequency and car experience of car owners will be enhanced, and the service quality and brand influence of OEMs will be empowered. The business model has been recognized and supported by 60+ OEMs and industry customers.

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